Join Our Team!

We have a lot of exciting things happening in 2019. The first is WE ARE HIRING!!

POSITION:  Metal Sales Specialist

THE COMPANY:  Russell Steel, Duluth, MN

Join a small, family-owned business with a hard-working team of eight other long-term team members. If you have stopped in to our shop recently, you will have noticed the great group at work. We get stuff done and keep it safe and fun!


The position will be either full or part-time with competitive pay and benefits. Hours would be Monday-Friday from 8:00AM to 4:30PM (or mornings/afternoons if looking for part-time).

JOB DUTIES:  Our metal sales specialist will assist with day-to-day standard office operations, including metal sales, order processing, inventory management and other office operations.  

You will spend the majority of your time walking customers through the purchasing process from start to finish (50% of the time). You will be working in an office and helping with paperwork (25% of the time). The remaining job functions will be a mix of other sales and office functions (25%). After you master the basic job duties and are comfortable with the material, you may also have inbound and outbound sales functions. We are a small company, you will learn most of the job functions within the business and your days will fly by!


·         Prior knowledge of steel, aluminum and stainless. If you have limited prior knowledge, that’s ok, you will be working out in the shop initially to learn the material. Trust us, this helps!

·         Strong communication skills (in-person, verbal and written)

·         Ability to lift 50 lbs.

·         Microsoft Outlook

·         Basic computer/phone skills

ARE YOU RIGHT FOR THE JOB?:  Email your resume and why we should hire you to

If you have any questions on the position please feel free to call us at 218-727-1225 or email.

We will be going through resumes in the coming weeks and will contact you with further details, please make sure your preferred method of contact is listed.

We look forward to growing our talented team!